Networking and Collaboration

Networking and Collaboration

The Convert Muslim Foundation’s intention is to network and collaborate with other organisations nationally to further its reach and to fulfill its obligations to those it aspires to serve. Over the past 20 years close and confident relationships have been established with a vast array of people and initiatives that have assisted and invested in the delivery of convert care. We are aware that there is yet much more to be done and it is our hope that the growth and development of this initiative will continue to enjoy the trust and support of everyone who has a meaningful understanding of what we it is we aspire to achieve.

We will work diligently towards creating resourceful pathways that will assist the convert community to become sincere and insightful practitioners of Islam and, through engaging in community support, they will come to realise the positive impact this can have on the whole of UK society.

Let’s join create the dynamic community we know can bring about change!
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