Give of your precious time

Giving of your precious time to attend events organised for converts to Islam and their families and act as hospitable and welcoming facilitators / enablers / ambassadors for Islam and for CMF.

Letter Writing
Writing a letter to a convert to Islam who is at home alone, in prison, hospital or in long term care. Letters are a lifeline and very often a means to opening up an otherwise dark and silent world and creating lasting and supportive relationships.

Become trained up and act as a mentor to someone who has just converted to Islam. Help guide them in learning the basics as well as building their confidence while allowing them to be themselves and develop their own coping strategies and mechanisms in dealing with the outcome of conversion.

Be active in flagging up opportunities that will sincerely and thoughtfully enhance Converts knowledge, learning Arabic, visiting places of interest and historic value, encourageing Converts to Islam to meet other like-minded Muslims, introduce life partners, job possibilities – in short ‘Want for your brother or sister in Islam what you would want for yourself.’


Giving Financially

Zakat and Sadaqa
Zakat - gifted once a year at the end of Ramadan which can help us to support and educate those who have, through their conversion to Islam, lost close family and may even be made homeless or are requested to look for alternative accommodation to their family home.  

Sadaqa can be gifted at any time throughout the year when a feeling of generosity compels you to donate and help out with immediate needs that arise for those in difficulty.

Leaving a Legacy
Will-ing for Life and Death – Is there anything better or more desired than the ongoing blessing of a Sadaqa Jariah – one that will continue for generations into the future and with continuous reference and accumulated blessings to that first and most generous donation. DONATE NOW

Regular Donation
Standing Orders would help to boost resources so that events could be planned in advance and in the knowledge that there are funds to meet the needs of those who would like to avail of educational, spiritual or social opportunities but do not have the financial resources to do so.

Setup Direct Debit
Bank: Barclays 
Account No: 00727792
Sort Code: 20-49-17

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