Health and Wellbeing - Living better lives

Health and Wellbeing - Living better lives

The current unforeseen circumstances has led to peoples general health taking a battering as we all try our best to cope with quarantine. Adding to this many have had to cut off from family for the purposes of shielding older or more vulnerable members form the possibility of catching Covid. We would like to offer possible ways and means of supporting you towards staying healthy, apart from advising that you should take frequent walks which are easily accessible to all, or to most people at least. To this end the Convert Muslim Foundation would like to introduce you to FUNCTION BETTER brought to you by Safiya Ascoli-Ball, Pilates Instructor and Taekwondo Black Belt and Jonce Hamza George, Founder of Movement Rehab and a Sports and Exercise Therapist, both of whom are known to the CMF for a number of years and regular attendees at our events. We hope the contents of these sessions will bring you both physical and mental relief and helps you relax and find comfort in these difficult times!

Session 1.

Session 2. 

Session 3.


Session 4. 

Session 5. 

Session 6. 

Session 7. 


We would also like to bring to your attention information that may help should you need someone to talk to or you need guidance with regard to feelings that may be causing you anxiety and distress. Below is a list of Muslim and non-Muslim ‘go to’ organisations that can offer help.

• Muslim Mental Health: The Services and Organisations You Can Contact - Click here

• Self help guides - Click here

• COPING WITH THE BURDEN OF COVID-19? Lateef Covid updated - PDF File

• Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook: A Tool to Help You Build Resilience During Difficult Times - CoronavirusAnxietyWorkbook

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