Batool Al Toma


Batool Al Toma is the founder and Director of the Convert Muslim Foundation.

In her role as Director of the New Muslims Project at The Islamic Foundation in Markfield, Leicester, she established a UK based service related to the support, education, counseling and continued development of converts to Islam in Britain.

She is the Editor of the Meeting Point, the magazine that has come to be recognised nationally as unique to the convert community.

Over the years she devised a number of education and training programmes which have been delivered in the UK and Europe and has acted as a media consultant on aspects of Islam and family life and conversion to Islam in the UK and beyond.

Batool was a member of the Cambridge Theology Board and its symposiums relating to Contextualising Islam in Britain and was the principal lead on The Narratives of Conversion to Islam in Britain -Female Perspectives. She has produced and co-produced a number of reports on a range of topics relating to Conversion to Islam in the UK.

She is a qualified FMC (AIM) Family and Child-centered Mediator and has four children and four grandchildren. Batool enjoys walks in nature.

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