SEERAH UMRAH TOUR – 25th Jan – 5th Feb 2023

SEERAH UMRAH TOUR – 25th Jan – 5th Feb 2023

Pilgrimage is a means towards assisting Converts to Islam in finding their spiritual home in this life.  It is key to establishing inner peace, boosting confidence and a means to lasting  stability, post  conversion.

Becoming familiar with the Seerah of Rasul SAW, his noble personality and character, the people of his household and his companions both male and  female, impacts significantly on the converts journeying forward inspired by their newly acquired knowledge.

Walking in the footsteps, and being made more aware of the challenges he, (SAW), faced in dealing with all manner of circumstances resolved through the application of the noblest and most generous of characteristics, lends itself to strengthening resolve for the convert to Islam who is coping with the ongoing barrage of negativity often experienced in the post conversion journey.

This group trip of 45 convert pilgrim places is facilitated by one of the most prestigious Hajj and Umrah travel agents in the UK, Dome Tours International. The itinerary includes a vast array of historical sites and locations not usually afforded to those who might undertake this journey alone. The accompanying scholars, Abdelrahman El Helbawi of Dome Tours and Sidi Ameen Buxton of New to Islam Edinburgh, are both renowned for their vast knowledge of all aspects of Islam and are accustomed to delivering information in a way that captivates listeners and instils in them the desire to learn more. Together with Hajj and Umrah tour guide, Batool Al-Toma, Convert Muslim Foundation’s Founder Director, who has served pilgrims to Hajj and Umrah for the past 20 years, guarantees this trip one not to be missed

We hope that you will see this as a unique opportunity and one that will establish precious memories that you will recall daily for the rest of your life.  As a Convert to Islam you are invited to come alone and make new friends or, come with a convert friend, a spouse or sibling - on this journey of a lifetime and of knowledge acquisition that will surpass all others.


To register for this Umrah tour please go to: https://forms.gle/XdhbThbXNh4zwoN36


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