Ramadan Retreat 2021 – ONLINE

Ramadan Retreat 2021 – ONLINE

You will all appreciate that, due to the on-going Covid restrictions, the Ramadan Retreat will continue as an on-line event.

We will be bringing you a virtual Ramadan Retreat on Saturday, 1st May, the details of which will be sent to all Convert Muslim Foundation contacts and everyone who would like to take part in the day’s presentations are encouraged to do so. Saturday 1st May falls within the last 10 days of Ramadan, in which one of its nights, in fact that particular night or the following night, will be Laylat Ul Qadr, and has special significance for the entire Muslim community across the entire globe.

The programme will begin at 11am in the morning and conclude before Iftar in the evening, with breaks throughout the day for rest and for Prayer. If you are a Convert to Islam and would like to join in the day’s programme – or part thereof, please email: info@convertmuslimfoundation.org.uk

We look forward to linking up with you on Saturday 1st  May for our Online Ramadan Retreat.

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