Resettlement and Rehabilitation

Resettlement and Rehabilitation

Over the past 25 years we have responded to Muslim Convert prisoners serving sentences in prisons across the UK and USA who have written letters seeking guidance, reading materials and general support. A restricted mandate limited our efforts to befriending and counselling through regular correspondence and by offering financial help, via zakat and sadaqah charitable donations post release as well as referrals to agencies designed to assist with resettlement opportunities for newly released prisoners. As a means towards developing further competence in this field we are currently engaged, in an advisory capacity, in research and in a consultative capacity relating to supporting Converts to Islam in Prisons and related issues. Our intention is to bring awareness to this growing phenomenon and to work alongside existing organisations that are supporting resettlement and sustaining and strengthening faith as a means towards positive future prospects in life.

Please do contact us for further information and to offer assistance or information you think would be useful to this effort.

At the height of the Covid pandemic, and during a brief lull in the lockdown restrictions in October 2020, the CMF held a weekend programme based around the plight of the alarming numbers of Muslims in UK prisons. Importantly, for CMF as an organisation that supports those who convert to Islam, the forms of support which can be provided to the growing numbers of prisoners who convert to Islam while serving both short and long-term prison sentences, required discussion. The attached report was published and, together with other research, will form the backdrop to a series of online meetings with stakeholders to establish collaborative initiatives that will address the concerns highlighted.

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