Convert Care and Advocacy

Convert Care and Advocacy

Research indicates the myriad of ways in which converts struggle to integrate into existing Muslim communities while all too frequently become partly or wholly estranged from their loved ones – parents and families who raised and gave them succour from birth and for whom the Qur’an reminds us to pray: ‘Oh Allah lower the wings of your mercy to them (our parents) as they did to me as a child.’ Shared conversations highlight that the need for culturally relevant communal, economic and familial support are as important as the need for spiritual guidance.

An essential purpose to our training programmes is to facilitate successful integration, allowing those who convert to remain true to the essence of the Islamic faith - becoming Muslims in Britain and British Muslims in the best possible manner.

Mentoring is a valuable skill and a core activity that involves the formation of a unique bond between the mentor and mentee. It is a means towards developing, through the sincerity and good will of both, their spiritual core and to finding solutions to challenges faced by the mentee that are suitable to their needs while respectfully acknowledging their personal (familial) circumstances. All this can be explored and developed through our Convert Care and Mentorship Training.

Contact us and we will guide you towards establishing this very necessary service provision for your Mosque or Islamic Organisation. Happy to help!
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